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Welcome to Tru Healing Center
We are Tru-ly excited for you to learn what we have to offer at Tru Healing Center located in Bensalem. Our goal is to meet each person where they are currently at and help them to continue evolving on their own personal journey. Whether you are looking for deep trans-formative trauma healing, re-balancing during a Reiki session or connecting with your past loved ones, TRu offers a healing modality to fit your individual needs. There are many offerings of spiritual workshops, classes, meditations and support groups to help you connect with our Tru community.

At Tru Healing Center we believe everyone has the power to heal from their past and the ability to live their best life and our mission is to give you a space where you can heal and grow with like-minded individuals as you continue on your journey.



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3671 Hulmeville Rd

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