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If you are searching Google for dental implant or dental implants in Layton, Syracuse, Ogden, Kaysville, or West Haven, UT and found this page you are in the right place. Affleck Dental Restoration & Prosthodontics is a beautiful practice for all your dental & prosthodontic needs.

Considering Dental Implants or Dentures for Missing Teeth?

At Affleck Dental Restoration & Prosthodontics, we're here to guide you through your options.

When faced with missing teeth, deciding between complete dental implants and non-implanted dentures can be daunting. Each choice has its advantages and drawbacks, with dentures often being the most cost-effective.

For many patients, upper and lower dentures, or partial dentures, seem like the logical choice. However, dissatisfaction with dentures is expected due to issues such as discomfort, loose fit, gum irritation, and speech or eating difficulties. Adhesives may offer temporary relief, but they come with their own set of challenges.

Upper dentures provide some stability thanks to suction in the upper palate, yet they can affect the taste and cause discomfort during chewing and speaking. Additionally, like lower dentures, they contribute to gum tissue shrinkage.

Dental implants offer a lasting solution to these problems. These titanium posts, surgically placed into the jawbone, provide a secure foundation for natural-looking replacement teeth. Unlike dentures, implants preserve facial structure and prevent bone deterioration, offering improved aesthetics, comfort, and functionality.

With advancements like Teeth in a Day™, the inconvenience of waiting months for tooth replacement is a thing of the past. This innovative procedure allows for the transition from complete edentulism to fixed, non-removable teeth mounted on implants in a single day. The process is streamlined from consultation to final bridge placement, ensuring a swift return to a confident smile and normal function.

Whether you're considering dental implants or dentures, we're here to provide personalized guidance and expert care tailored to your needs. Schedule a consultation today to take the first step towards restoring your smile and quality of life.



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